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Celebrating 75 Years of the NHS

Sandra in her nurses uniform, sneaking a cup of tea in the linen cupboard whilst a student nurse, 1962 - 1964. Image courtesy of Preston Park Museum and Grounds.

July 5th marks the 75th Anniversary of the National Health Service (NHS). Established in 1948 the NHS was created to treat all people equally no matter their class or background, under the NHS healthcare is a free human right. It ended centuries of misery for people who couldn’t afford to see a doctor or medical professional when they were ill. It also opened up the profession of nursing to many working-class people who previously didn’t have the opportunity to learn the profession.

As part of a wider project, we have been working with a group of volunteers at Preston Park Museum and Grounds who used to be nurses in the Tees Valley for the ‘Nursing the Tees Valley’ project. Here we have created a video blog to share their experiences and celebrate our wonderful NHS services here in the Tees Valley.