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Case Studies

A selection of case studies written by teachers who have delivered a local history exhibition in their classroom using the Museum in Your Classroom toolkit, and with support from Museums in the Tees Valley.

Ancient Egyptians: secrets of the afterlife

Ancient Egyptians exhibition by Year 5 pupils at Billingham South Primary School, featuring a 3,500-year-old canopic jar, on loan from the British Museum.

The Galileo Trust Museum

A wonderful joint museum created by Year 2 to Year 6 pupils from seven schools in the Galileo Multi-Academy Trust.

Proud of Where we Live

'Proud of Where we Live' exhibition by Lakes Primary School, Years 3 and 4

World War One in the Tees Valley

'World War One in the Tees Valley' exhibition by Pathways Special School - 18 students from years 4-7

Cook's Last Adventure

'Cook's Last Adventure' exhibition by Breckon Hill Primary, 2 x Year 1 classes

Gertrude Bell

'Gertrude Bell' exhibition by Lealholm Primary School, KS2

Anglo Saxon Life

'Anglo Saxon Life' exhibition by Abingdon Primary School, Year 4

Cleveland Ironstone Mining

'Cleveland Ironstone Mining' exhibition by Priory Woods School and Arts College, Years 7-11

Made in the Tees Valley

'Made in the Tees Valley' exhibition by Sacred Heart Primary School, Years 3 and 4

Change in Trains and What's World War I Got to do With us?

'Change in Trains' and 'What's World War I Got to do with Us? exhibitions by Riverdale Primary School, Years 4 and 5

St. Peter's Super Saxon Museum

'St. Peter's Super Saxon Museum' exhibition by St Peter's Church of England, Year 3 and 4