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Arts Award Homework Package- "How the arts Make us feel" 1

School: Westgarth Primary
Number of students: 90 invited to participate
Arts Award level: Discover
Year Group: Years 1 & 4

Overview: The year groups were sent home a ‘getting started’ guide on how to complete the Arts Award Booklet to complete with their families. Following on from our work on friendships and feelings at school, the homework project gave an opportunity for the children to discover and explore the arts around them. This starting point allowed the families to discover and explore, when life is anything but normal, their emotions and to consider how the art they make or look at, read and listen to makes them feel. The getting starting guide also encouraged parents/carers to think about all the ‘arts’: dance, song, poem, illustrations, painting, sculpture, printing etc. Some examples of completed booklets were also sent out to families.
Two year groups were invited to participate in the project and on completion they would receive an Arts Award discover certificate.

How did the children benefit from doing the Arts Award? We had a good uptake of children completing the booklet, their enthusiasm, excitement of and understanding of art in the wider world shone through in a variety of ways. Some children decided to look at something ‘new’ – sculptors, dance hall musicians – and some children were inspired by artists from all cultures and eras, as well as artists they had already studied in school. For example, one child created sculptures out of chicken wire for her garden, one shared flamenco dancing, some explored comic art and one parent was delighted it gave her the chance to discuss her great grandmother’s art background with her child.
As the Arts are also an important tool to support wellbeing; giving a greater insight into understanding emotions. This project gave an opportunity for families working together to discuss, discover and ‘see’ the arts we have around us in a greatly enjoyable way.