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James Harris

James Harris! He is one of Middlesbrough’s tallest children’s authors! He is most likely not a rabbit although he does enjoy salads and hiding so we can’t be 100% sure. In 2019 he won the Hachette Childrens’ Novel prize at the Northern Writers’ Awards with his first ever book, The Unbelievable Biscuit Factory.

Later he went and wrote another one called Happytown Must Be Destroyed. Someone should probably stop him before he does it again.

Approach to writing:

James has a background in performing and workshop-leading – 10 years of theatre in education, a brief stint doing stand up, a dabble in TV writing plus 15 years of running various writing and acting workshops for children and adults.  He is a passionate advocate for imagination and creativity, both as a career path and as an end in itself.

Key Stages worked with:

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 3

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Booking and practical information

All writers can be booked through the Education Officer with whom you have booked an object. They will help you sort out dates for a planning meeting and the practicalities of all the sessions with students. Schools taking part in Literacy Loans will need to be happy to use zoom, teams, google classrooms or another equivalent secure online platform.

The standard fee for one class to have three 40 minute sessions with our writers is £200. We may be able to help with the costs for schools with high levels of Pupil Premium funding or seeking to address specific issues with writing.