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Poss Stick project

In this cross-curriculum project students from Priory Woods School, Middlesbrough worked with Preston Park Museum’s Learning Officer and author/illustrator Holly Sterling to use just one object as a focus for creative learning.

Find out all about the project in this film: how two weeks’ English lessons turned into weeks of work in many different subject areas from creating characters to Technology and Enterprise.


Teacher Maisie Johnson explains how the project worked and the huge amount of purposeful learning that students got from exploring the poss stick and soap. Priory Woods even made their own poss stick so they could do some washing the old-fashioned way. Maisie also reflects on how working with an object and an author has inspired how she might teach in future.


Meet Learning Officer Joanne Rowcliffe from Preston Park Museum and Grounds who talks you through what a Literacy Loan is. Whether you teach in mainstream or Special provision, Key Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4, the ultra-flexible format is the same. Each Literacy Loan is planned to fit your needs and circumstances to maximise the impact on students’ learning and develop their enthusiasm for writing.

Take a look at these lovely photos to get a real feel for how the project worked.