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DIY Museum of Kindness

Amongst the stress, anxiety and uncertainty of the last year for children, reflecting on moments of kindness can help. Kindness gives us hope. As part of PSHE or Relationships and Health Education, it underpins families, caring friendships and respectful relationships. Making your own class, or school’s, Museum of Kindness brings everyone together to share positive stories.

It’s easy, it’s free and all you need is available on this page.


Take a look at both of our Museums of Kindness to see how simple it is to make your own. You can share these with students. Show them entries by students their own age or look at younger or older contributions. If you just want to share a small sample, why not use our gallery films. You’ll find a full transcript of the Key Stage 2 and 3 entries at the bottom of this page.

Museum of Kindness

More Museum of Kindness




The films below can help students reflect on what kindness is.

Choose the film to suit your year group.





For younger students, drawing their entry may be as important as the words they write to help others understand its meaning. For older students, the words may be the focus. You could record or scribe if writing is an issue. We’ve provided the ‘top tip’ guides below to support independent learning as students draft their entries to your Museum. These may be useful to support home learning. There are also four moments of kindness from professional writers based in the Tees Valley, for extra inspiration.

We made our museum online, but a Museum of Kindness can be displayed on a wall, in a big scrap book, as a sound recording or on your website as a film, using PowerPoint or even a simple PDF. The power of kindness grows as you share it, so however you display your moments of kindness, the key is to share them with everyone you can.

Take a look at this PDF example shared by Normanby Primary School here.

Why not send us a link to yours? Please send to: