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More Museum of Kindness

Welcome to the second gallery of the Museum of Kindness – made entirely from contributions by Tees Valley pupils, with a little help from some local writers we’ve been working with. Museums usually collect physical things. Sometimes though, there are important things to collect that you can’t hold or put in a case or on a wall. These moments, these feelings, these stories sometimes get lost in history because they’re not easy to collect, keep and display. This Museum is filled with thoughtful entries from pupils of all ages. We’ve been so overwhelmed by the sheer number of stories of kindness we’ve received that we’ve opened a second gallery for our museum. We hope you enjoy visiting it as much as we have. Don’t forget to visit both galleries!
If you’ve helped make this Museum and are looking for your own moment of kindness, just use search to find your name. If it’s not there yet, keep checking back.


This exhibition has been curated by Tees Valley Museums,

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, MIMA, part of Teesside University

and Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum


Ida Year 1

Annie Year 1

Noah Year 1

Shania Year 1

Adele Year 1

Leighton Year 1

Tianna Year 1

George Year 2

Nathan Year 2

Ollie Year 2

Olivia Mae Year 2

Olivia Ann Year 2

George Year 6

Aamna Year 2

Klaudia Year 2

Nur Saeba Year 4

Felix Year 2

Nathan Year 2

Fairy Year 4

Nikola Year 4

Bisma Year 5

Haider Year 5

Isla Year 4

William Year 1

George Year 1

Isaac Year 1

Luca Year 1

Angelica Year 1

Daisy Year 1

Jayden Year 1

Leo Year 1

Jensen Year 1

Kainan Year 1

Maisy Year 1

Kaiden Year 1

Riley Year 1

Lauren Year 2

Maisie Year 5

Emily Year 4

Nathan Year 2

Alfie Year 4

Emily Year 4

Noah Year 1

Edward Year 1

Ella Year 1

Nathan Year 2

Hannah Year 1

Olivia Year 1

Poppy Year 1

George Year 1

Sam Year 1

Olivia Year 1

Oscar Year 1

Charlie Year 3

Mollie Year 3

Katelin Year 3

Tom Year 3

Aiza Year 3

Azwa Year 3

Liyana Year 3

Abigail Year 3

Sarah Year 3

Azwa Year 3

Erin Year 3

Hana Year 3

Lydia Year 3

Amelia Year 3

Jack Year 3

Isaac Year 3

Miles Year 3

Harriet Year 3

Eva Year 4

Harry Year 2

Alfie Year 3

Theo Year 3

Amelia Year 2

Safaa Year 3

Haris Year 3

Bryce Year 3

Xanthe Year 6

Harriot Year 3

Toby Year 6

Surann Year 6

Ellie Year 3

Adam Bushnell, writer

Elizabeth Baker, writer