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Adam Bushnell, writer

Kindness is a super power,

It can come to you in a flash.

It makes people feel as big as the Hulk,

As if you’d won some cash.


Sometimes things just happen,

And life doesn’t follow our plan,

But when you show kindness

You’re being just like Superman.


Wonder Woman saves the day,

She’s a real woman of action.

You can be just like her,

A Coronavirus distraction.


Kindness is like Hawkeye,

It never misses its target.

Whether you’re in the street,

Or in a super market.


Kindness can be a smile,

It can be towards a stranger,

It can be on a phone call,

It makes you a Power Ranger.


So be kind to your family,

Be kind to a friend.

Be the smile that makes a day,

Be the one that others can depend.


Kindness is a super power,

In these times its essential,

It also makes you feel good,

It helps you reach your potential.


You can do it at home,

You can do it in a queue,

You can do in a shop,

You can do it out of the blue.


Let’s spread kindness all around,

Try to be kind to another,

It shows incredible strength.

So be kind to each other.

Adam Bushnell is an author of fictional and academic books who delivers creative writing sessions to schools in the UK and internationally. He also regularly works in museums in and around the North East of England to inspire a love of reading and writing.