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Tracy, Family Inclusion Officer, Tees Valley Museum Group

Jenny’s support and encouragement over the last 10 months has been a genuine act of kindness.  It has been with her support and faith in me that I was able to run my first marathon in a finishing time that I never thought Id be able to achieve.  Jenny took time out of her busy schedule to map out routes and  run with me on an evening sometimes for 3 hours,  also listen to me chuntering on and moaning about my aches and pain,  not an easy task.  She also at times had put her own training on hold and was able to advise on my training plan and answer my many questions.

We had the most amazing weekend which I will never forget which gave me a great sense of pride. Without Jenny’s support and total faith in me I don’t think I would have had this unreal experience. Thank You 🙂