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Museum of Kindness

Welcome to the Museum of Kindness – made entirely from contributions by Tees Valley pupils, with a little help from some local writers we’ve been working with. Museums usually collect physical things. Sometimes though, there are important things to collect that you can’t hold or put in a case or on a wall. These moments, these feelings, these stories sometimes get lost in history because they’re not easy to collect, keep and display. This Museum is filled with thoughtful entries from pupils of all ages. We’ve been so overwhelmed by the sheer number of stories of kindness we’ve received that we’ve opened a second gallery for our museum. We hope you enjoy visiting it as much as we have. Don’t forget to visit both galleries!

If you’ve helped make this Museum and are looking for your own moment of kindness, just use search to find your name. If it’s not there check in our second gallery: More Museum of Kindness and keep checking which you can find here – we’re still uploading entries. We also have recently created  Museum of Kindness – Staff Edition to mark World Kindness Day, why not check it out here?

This exhibition has been curated by Tees Valley Museums,

Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, MIMA, part of Teesside University

and Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum

Max Year 3

Safaa Year 3

Rocky Year 3

Scarlett Year 6

Sadie Year 5

Raees Year 3

Patrick Year 6

Cordelia Year 3

Oliver Year 6

Marley Year 5

Scarlett Year 3

Lucy Year 6

Harvey Year 6

Maddie Year 6

Lucy Year 6

childrens drawing of a birthday cake

Martha Year 6

Olivia Year 6

Ruby Year 5

Freddie Year 6

Thomas Year 5

Sonny Year 6

Sam Year 5

Sehar Year 6

Aliyah Year 6

childrens drawing. Two hands hold a giant heart with the words 'kindness is everything'

Rakibul Year 6

Samir Year 6

Jamal Year 6

Abu Year 6

Ayesha Year 6

Louis Year 6

Ismael Year 6

Livia Year 6

Mason Year 6

Lauren Year 6

Hasan Year 6

Kadenn Year 6

Joseph Year 6

Isabella Year 6

Holly Year 5

Hasan Year 6

Alexis Reception

Harry Year 6

Harriet Year 5

Oliver Year 5

Harriet Year 5

Gracie Year 6

Evie Year 6

childrens drawing two kids standing front of a house

Joseph Year 3

Eva Year 6

Ethan Year 6

Charlie Year 6

Amelia Year 6

childrens drawing with a car and a child sitting under a tree

Olivia Year 3

Abby Year 6

Alfie Year 6

children's drawing with smiley faces

Isabelle Year 3

children drawing

Freya Year 3

Rubie Year 6

Bridget Year 3

Noah Year 4

Georgina Year 3

Holly and Luke Year 3

Matthew Year 4

Annabel Year 3

Noah Year 4

George Year 4

Lincoln Year 3

Annie Year 3

Harry Year 3

Finley Year 4

Lily Year 4

Ben Year 4

Finlay Year 4

Callan Year 4

Eleanor Year 4

Eve Year 4

Bertie Year 4

Sylvie Year 1

Penny Year 1

childrens drawing of a boy in-front of a building

Oliver Year 1

Oliver Year 1

childrens drawing

Luca Year 1

childrens drawing

Joey Year 1

childrens drawing of a family eading dinner around the table

Isobel Year 1

childrens drawing of a little girl under clouds

Hannah Year 1

childrens drawing

Eve Year 1

childrens drawing of a family at the park

Emma Year 1

childrens drawing of a girl making cake

Ella Year 1

childrens drawing of a girl holding her dog for her mum

Eleanor Year 1

childrens drawing of kids playing

Dexter Year 1

childrens drawing of two kids playing in the park with a dog

Amelia Year 1

Willow Year 1

Sonny Year 1

Arlia Year 1

Alia Year 1

childrens drawing of two little girls playing

Emily Year 1

childrens drawing of a child giving their nanny a bunvh of flowers outside a house

Finley Year 1

Elijah Year 1

two girls on scooters

Charlotte and Megan Year 1

Liam Year 3

Franky-Jay Year 3

Leon Year 5

Gracie-Mai Year 5

Ruby Year 4

Aimee Year 4

Kyle Year 5

Orla Year 6

Willow Year 2

Jenny Year 3

Oliver Year 4

Lexi Year 4

Rory Year 3

Megan Year 4

Isaac Year 4

Alice Year 4

Daniel Year 3

Ollie Year 3

Gabriella & Sofia Year 4 & Reception

Sonny Year 6

William Year 6

Ruby Year 6

Reggie Year 6

Maisie Year 6

Millie Year 6

Lucy Year 6

Lucie Year 6

Lily Year 6

Jayden Year 6

childrens drawing of a bot with his arms open for a hug

Jonty Year 2

Hollie Year 6

childrens drawing of flowers

Oscar Year 2

Ellis Year 6

childrens drawing of a rainbow with the sun above with NHS under.

Junde Year 2

childrens drawing of emily and her daddy

Emily Year 2

childrens drawing of the park

Tommy Year 2

childrens drawing three kids outside a building

Charlotte Year 2

childrens drawing stick drawing of a person

Charlie Year 2

Ava Year 6

paint hand prints of two brothers on pink card

Robert Year 3

post card 'mrs frost I miss you so much love from emily'

Emily Year 2

photo of teddy moose

Finlay Year 2

Ted Year 2

Reuben Year 2

childrens drawing of a boy sharing chocolate with his dad

Joe Year 2

childrens drawing 'clapping for NHS'

Tommy Year 5

childrens drawing of two people

Emily Year 5

childrens drawing of two girls embracing in a hug

Summer Year 6

Niamh Year 4

children's drawing In this picture I am cleaning out my dog Sally’s pool because it had got a bit gunky. It is now clean as new. She now loves to lay down and cool off in it.

Jess Year 4

Harper Nursery

children's drawing of two girls with long hair

Lola Nursery

childrens drawing

Connie Nursery

childrens drawing of two people inside a giant heart surrounded by little hearts

Ciara Nursery

childrens drawing of a red, ping and blue heart

Bella Reception

children's drawing

William Reception

Children's drawing of a boy stood next to a house

Charley Reception

childrens drawing a boy and girl hold hands

Brooke Year 4

childrens drawing of a child delivering cakes to neighbours

Isabelle Year 4

childrens drawing. Two children play in a field

Macey Year 4

childrens drawing of two little girld in flowing dresses. One id passing a flower to the other and both are smiling

Nikita Year 4

childrens drawing of a little girl and a man standing next to each other

Lucian Year 4

childrens drawing

Mia Year 4

childrens drawing

Millie Year 6

children's drawing

Isobel Year 6

children's drawing of two girls

Scarlett Year 6

childrens drawing showing three people and the title 'when I got lost'

Ava Year 6

childrens drawing of a girl

Rachel Year 6

childrens drawing of a tree a hop scotch and a child

Amber Year 6

childrens drawing

Austin Year 6

childrens drawing of a red brick house with 'Thank you NHS in the windows and a boy stands outside

Alfie Year 6

two boy playing together with a blue lego style toy in their garden

Jack Year 3

A little girl stands a short distance away from an elderly woman at her front door. They are facing each other and talking. Grandmother and granddaughter

Lauren Year 3

childrens drawing I am helping my sister when she was poorly.

Emma Year 1

drawing of two hands meeting to make a love heart. The heart has been coloured in to make a rainbow and the words 'to all our charity volunteers thank you' is written above

Joey Year 6

childrens drawing I tidied my bedroom. My Mam was very happy.

Hannah Year 1

childrens drawing I give my Mam ‘I love you’ letters

Ollie Year 1

childrens drawing When my friend fell over I helped her.

Oliver Year 1

children's drawing of a kid hovering with a henry hoover

Daniel Year 1

children's drawing I am sharing my Ipad with my little brother Toby and I am showing him what to do

Tyler Year 1

children's drawing of an orange house with two children playing outside

Keaton Year 1

Childrens drawing I tidied my room by myself.

Dylan Year 1

children's drawing

Isla Year 1

Holly Year 1

childrens drawing

Henry Year 1

children's drawing My Mum is give in me a puppy.

Lucy Year 1

childrens drawing I threw the boll to Dexter when he lost it.

Joseph Year 1

childrens drawing Wen joseph dident have a ball I giv him one.

Dexter Year 1

children's drawing At Christmas I got a big present. It was a dinosaur. I felt happy.

Oliver Year 1

childrens drawing I helped my cousin by doing funny noises and he laughed.

Matthew Year 1

children's drawing I gave my mum a multi coloured ball and a gem. It made my mum feel happy.

Emelie Year 1

children's drawing For my birthday my mam got me a big unicorn.

Charleigh Year 1

children's drawing My dad helped me up off my bike.

Bobby Year 1

childrens drawing I fell off my trampoline and my mum helped me.

Nataniel Year 1

childrens drawing of kids playing

Gracjan Year 1

childrens drawing showing two kids playing outside under a big yellow sun

Jack Reception

children's drawing

James Reception

children's drawing in coloured pens showing two figures lying on the grass

George Reception

children's drawing of a girl watering yellow flowers

Meadow Year 2

childrnes drawing in coloured pencils showing a man holding hands with a boy and buildings in the background

Evan Year 2

children's drawing in coloured pen of a house with two children inside

Tilly Year 2

childrens drawing

Fiann Year 2

childrens drawing in pen with a rainbow

Daisy Year 2

Childrens drawing in coloured pen

Benjamin Year 2

children's drawing of a tree with a boy stood underneath

Mason Year 2

Samuel Year 5

Childrens drawing done digitally with a round smiling face hand a present to a gingerbread man

Beth Year 6

Antony Year 6

photographed flowers with text over sayingFlowers show kindness because they bring oxygen for our environment and they attract wildlife.

Abigail Year 6

Tia Year 4

childrens drawing with a yellow and black bee and the words 'bee kind'

Cherise Year 4

childrens drawing of a big smiling face, coloured in red, with the words 'Keep Kind Smile'

Benjamin Year 3

childrens drawing showing a man with the words 'I can be kind'

Thomas Year 3

childrens drawing of a family separated by a line down the page with a heart in the middle

Ava Year 3

childre'ns drawing in coloured pencil showing a sick child, their mother and their dog

Meisha Year 4

childrens drawing with the words 'its cool to be kind

Emily Year 3

childrens drawing of two hands reaching out to each other

Kyra Year 3

rainbow coloured drawing of a hand

Reegan Year 4

children's drawing of a mulit-coloured elephant saying 'its cool to be kind'

Mazieann Year 4

children's drawing. Outline of a hand in blue pen filled with yellow stars and the words 'Be kind to everyone'

Savanna Year 3

Child's drawing of a woman sick in bed, with a green blanket and two people bringing her a present

Archie Year 3

children's drawing

Emileigh Year 6

children's poem

Siphat Year 6

children's poem

Abdelrahim Year 6

children's poem

Kasim Year 6

children's drawing

Meredith Year 6

childrens drawing with a rainbow background

Ella Year 6

Children's drawing with rainbow coloured hearts

Renad Year 6

children's drawing

Abigail Year 5

Childrens drawing

Noah Year 6

Children's drawing

Kaylan Year 5

children's drawing

Jordan Year 6

Cole Year 6

Childrens drawing

Isabelle Year 6

children's drawing of a ice cream van handing an ice-cream to a child. Houses with chimney smoke in the background

Jake Year 6

childrens drawing

Lexi Year 6

Childrens drawing

Alfie Year 5

children drawings

Owen Year 6

Childrens drawing

Rhys Year 6

Children's drawing

Amy Year 6

Elliott Year 6

Children's drawing

Nathan Year 6

Children's Drawing

Lucas Year 5

Children's drawing

Freddie Year 1

Willow Year 1

Children's drawing

Nathan Year 5

Childrens drawing

George Year 5

Children's drawing

Mason Year 5

childrens drawing

Alfie Year 5

Childrens drawing of a boy raking leaves. Real leaves have been used at the bottom of the page.

Kaiden Year 6

Childrens drawing

Katie Year 6

childrens drawing in coloured pencil's of two girls under a blue sky with green grass

Skye Year 2

childrens drawing of a young girl holding a dog lead, with a little brown dog.

Freya Year 2

Children's drawing of a penny coloured pencil's

Alex Year 2

Children's handwritten poem on kindness

Jack Year 2

George Year 2

blue background with white writing on

Rosie Year 8

photograph of a man racing on a pedal bike

Mathew Year 8

Jacob Year 9

children's drawing

Naila Year 3

William Year 7

childrens drawing

Andreea Year 3

Aminah Year 3

Habeeba Year 4

children's drawing

Ayaan Year 4

Zakariya Year 4

Children's Drawing

Amelia Year 4

Zainab Year 4

Childs drawing

Isha Year 2

Rayyan Year 2

Childrens Drawing

Umaya Year 2

Children's drawing

Zohaib Year 1

Children's drawing

Beenish Year 1

Children's drawing

Adam Year 1

Children's drawing

Bevin Year 1

Madelyn Reception

Child's drawing of flowers and a house

Amira Year 1

Imogen Reception

Freya Reception

Max Reception

Bobby Reception

Freddie Reception

Gabriella Reception

Sophia Reception

Isabel Reception

Summer Reception

Hannah Year 8

Jack Reception

Alysha Year 8

Amelie Year 7

Autumn Year 8

NHS Banner on a rainbow background

Emma Year 8

Ben Year 8

Evie Year 7

Blythe Year 7

Eliza Year 8

A footballer in red is caught in an action shot about to kick a football, in a stadium setting

Freddie Year 10

Table with lots of celebration cards on

Holly Year 7

Lockdown Street bingo text

Isobelle Year 8

Isaac Year 8

Lily Year 8

Two people are running in a race, one holds out a bottle of water for the other who is disabled

Luke Year 7

Katie Year 9

Jasmine Year 9

A nurse in blue scrubs stands wearing a face mask and pulling on her right blue glove

Luke Year 7

image of a cartoon style blue hand with a white imprint of a white hand inside of it

Madeleine Year 8

Handwritten in pencil the words 'best friend'

Neave Year 8

James Year 7

Words - Thank You! Thank You!

Ruby Year 8

Sun setting over a built up landscape with a large hill i n the distance. The sky is pink, red, and yellow

Seren Year 9

Noah Class 6 P

Gabrielle Kent, writer

Torin Year 3

Seren Year 6

Lisette Auton, writer

Fern Reception

Matilda Age 3

Joni Age 2