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Two years ago my Mam was asked if I liked animals and would like to help an older lady to look after and clean out her Hamster.  Jean is 87 and has always had dogs but is now not as active but still wanted a pet.  She knew she needed help when she couldn’t hold onto the hamster and Zing was running loose in her kitchen for 3 days. Once a week I go with my Mam to see Jean, get Zing out of her cage and into a box so we can clean out her cage, you cannot hold her as she bites hard! We have been going so long that now I do any jobs she has to help her, like putting up her Christmas decorations and putting out her wheelie bin. During Jean’s isolation time we have been to her house and waved and talked to her through her window and Mam and me took her all the bits to make a cream scone and passed them through the window so she could have a little treat. Jean is now my friend.