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On Sunday 21st June 2020 at 10 am, I had just finished writing a letter to my friend Zak. I zoomed outside to play my favourite game football. But then, my grandma called me and I came as fast as I could and she told me one of the baby canaries had fallen out of the nest!

I hesitated for a moment and got scared. I started to wonder, “would the little baby canary be ok?” My grandma started to breathe warm air onto the canary to try and do her magic and keep him warm. And then my nanna said, “thank god he is cheeping.” Then we all started to parade around the garden.

We rushed into the house as fast as we could to make a nest for the baby canary to keep him warm. First we were using horse hair because that would keep him warm. But every time we feeder him,the horse hair got stuck in his throat.

So instead, we put paper on top of the horse hair and it worked about all fine.

After we made his bed and fed him, we had to name him. I said, “please could we name him lucky because he is super lucky to still be with us.” Everyone agreed.