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Gabrielle Kent, writer

My Moment of Kindness

One morning, I opened my front door to find my neighbour had left me some strawberry plants, just because she had heard my two year old daughter talking about how much she loved strawberries. My daughter loves watching the fruit grow and we baked a cake together to thank our neighbour for her kindness. It made her very happy.



There on the doorstep,

Red bow tied

Around it,

Was a gift from a kind neighbour, a box of

Beautiful strawberry plants.

Every day, my daughter

Runs outside,

Ready to

Inspect the plants and

Eat any ripe, red

Strawberries. Delicious!


Gabrielle has worked on video-games, taught students how to make videogames, ran a festival about videogames, and now writes books based on videogames. She REALLY likes videogames, almost as much as she loves reading and writing stories, especially ones with magic in them. She lives in the North East of England with her husband, young daughter, and Bengal cat, Kali – Destroyer of Sofas. 



Gabrielle Kent

Children’s Author