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One of the kindest people I have ever known was my Grandad Dennis. He lived in Liverpool with my Nanny Joyce and I loved going to see them in the school holidays. Sometimes they would come to our house on the train and he would give me the warmest hugs.
In all the years I was lucky enough for him to be my Grandad, he never once got cross with me, even when I was fighting with my brother! We always played lots of fun games and even though he was getting a bit old he still got down on his hands and knees with us to really join in the games we played.
He had his favourite chair that he always sat in but sometimes he would let me sit in it when he went to make a cup of tea. He always had a packet of mints on a table next to his chair and sometimes he would sneak one into my hand.
Sadly, my Grandad Dennis died six years ago from cancer. He will always be the kindest person I have ever known, and we will never forget him and all the lovely memories we have of him.