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drawing of two hands meeting to make a love heart. The heart has been coloured in to make a rainbow and the words 'to all our charity volunteers thank you' is written above

A food bank is a non profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who need it.
Consider volunteering at a local food bank.
Thirteen million people live in poverty in the UK today.

Ordinary people like me and you may need to use a food bank at a time in our life.
Food parcels are handed out to the needy and hungry.

Kindness is very rewarding TRY IT!!!!!!
Instead of buying a coffee on the go, buy a jar of coffee and donate to someone who really does need it.
Nobody in our area, adults or children should go without food.
Donate as much or as little as you can afford. Even a tin of beans is appreciated.
Nobody judges you if you need to go to a food bank, the volunteers are there to love & support people.
Encourage your friends and family to donate.
Supporting the fight against hunger & poverty.
Support our local food banks and help feed the hungry in our area.