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Kindness is the mark we leave on the world. It is a very important thing. It can change someone’s day in the space of a second. An act of kindness could be a small thing like asking, “How are you today?” but it can mean a lot inside. We sing songs about kindness in school and one of the choruses goes like this, “a little bit of kindness in your day can bring a lot of happiness you way. I agree with this sentence because it is very true.”

Kindness can come out of lots of different things – so you may not even know you are being kind. Kindness is a wonderful thing and can tough the biggest place in your heart.

My act of kindness was baking cupcakes and delivering them to some people that I know, while we were all inside because of Covid 19. When they got them, they looked happy. It helped them celebrate VE day. I was pleased I could be kind to someone in this difficult time.