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Moment of kindness

My mum’s friend was feeling very unwell, she was feeling very tired and ill and after visiting her GP, she was admitted to James Cook Hospital. They did lots of tests and eventually she was diagnosed with lung cancer. As this happened during coronavirus, she couldn’t have any visitors in case they brought the virus into the hospital with them. Also, the hospital did not want any visitors to take it away with them which would cause a risk of infection. This would have made her worried and scared to not have her family and friends by her side, during this difficult time. We decided to get her a get well soon card which made her feel that we are still thinking of her.

After several weeks, we found out she was still in hospital having Chemotherapy treatment and she was not allowed any visitors, so we decided to make a little hamper box for her. We put in some shower gel, crackers, tissues, body lotion, chocolates, a magazine, biscuits and other little gifts to cheer her up. The hospital would not allow us to send her flowers. Due to Coronavirus we couldn’t go to the hospital to give it to her, so we gave it to my Aunty who works at the hospital and she took it to the ward where she was being looked after. The lady who we made the hamper for rang her daughter, to ask her to pass on her thanks. She was so happy with it when she was on the phone she was crying.