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A little girl stands a short distance away from an elderly woman at her front door. They are facing each other and talking. Grandmother and granddaughter

Taking time to be kind

During this time, I have tried to be kind,
To care,
To give,
To be thoughtful.
A simple act of kindness can bring,
A smile,
A laugh,
Many people are feeling isolated,

My great great Aunty N was sad. She needed a friend, someone to talk to. We go to visit her as much as we can during lockdown. I decided to make her a rainbow picture, I wrote her a letter, we helped to get the shopping and we always talked. Aunty N began to sing as she wanted to make people feel better. I decided to learn her songs too. One day when we went to say hello and we sang together.

It made Aunty N feel,
My act of kindness made me feel,
Warm inside,

Being kind and doing something for someone gives you a fuzzy feeling inside. I have realised that a little act of kindness can go so far it can make many smiles. This is a feeling you cannot buy, you have to go do it.