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The Little Messages

Many people enjoy grand gestures, huge events of showering praise, love and joy, but most importantly, kindness. Some adore this, and that’s perfectly fine of course. Sometimes, a grand gesture reminding you that you are loved is one of the greatest feelings that you just can’t replicate in any other way. However, I would argue that the little acts of kindness are another feeling you should never underestimate.

Trust is key in relationships. Nothing compares to it. That feeling that every engrossing secret you share, every gripping or particular tale you tell, every exceptionally unique experience you have with that person is safe and cherished. I believe people would disagree, but building trust is probably one of the most difficult yet rewarding things you could do with someone – whether it be a family member, friend, animal or a complete stranger. When you have that trust, it’s something a lot more special than people realise. I think people take it for granted, many people (including myself) are fortunate enough to automatically trust people such as relatives and good friends you’ve known all your life, simply because it’s natural. Many people are a lot less trusting though, based on experiences and beliefs etc. This isn’t necessarily horrendous, but it goes to show how important trust is, and how individualistic it is too.

This now brings me to my main topic: the little messages. A small, seemingly insignificant compliment towards someone may appear tiny, but actually has a huge impact. When you see a family member, a friend or anything similar to that, message you to pay you a tender-hearted compliment, or just to ask you “How are you?” or “How has your day been?” can be one of the most delightful things you could ever experience, lf you deeply think about it. With someone you love, it’s an affectionate reminder that they love you too; it gives you that distinctively warm, immeasurable feeling that some people spend days thinking about, brightening them up. Alternatively, if someone you don’t know too well does the same, you could suggest it shows the beginnings of building trust with a new person, giving you a fresh, light feeling of hope and promise in a sense. Trust always comes in. Whether you have known them for years and you’re just having a regular talk or you don’t know them too well and you’re gaining a new friend, the feeling is the same nonetheless: contentment and care. Just messaging someone a small compliment, asking how they are or ringing them to have a chat can give someone the confirmation that your relationship is real and trustworthy. You don’t even have to text them, email them, ring them, you could possibly instead send them a handmade letter to express your feelings towards them in a bit more an individualistic way. It doesn’t matter how you contact them; it matters what you say. Let whoever they are know that they can trust you with anything, no matter how big or small it is.

In my experience, the little messages can be everything. The little messages can get you through a long, draining day or they can make your already brilliant day that much better. The little messages can make an important difference in another person’s life that in your life wouldn’t faze you. The little messages can make a person trust you more than you would understand. The little messages are, in their own little way, one of the most genuine and kindest things that are out there.

Perhaps you should write a little message to someone now?

– L