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photograph of a man racing on a pedal bike

Lockdown Exploration

A moment of kindness can change someone’s day,

Motivating them to explore further away.

Obtaining a new bike the key to my exploration,

Moors, beaches, lanes and tracks: a better way of transportation.

Entering the saddle to visit hidden gems.

Natural beauty vivid:

The sapphire sea, amethyst heather, emerald valleys, azure skies and ivory cottages

Of the idyllic Yorkshire countryside.

From a bike, the picturesque countryside a stunning canvas,

Killing steep climbs to splendid viewpoints,

In the distance, jagged rocks and towering cliffs stand unequalled in the clouds.

Never-ending roads cutting the blissful landscape into jigsaw pieces,

Drystone walls lining the county’s veins and arteries,

Necessary links for remote hamlets and veiled valleys,

Exploration providing the only keys.

So thanks to the friend who loaned a bike to me with such selflessness

Single-handedly improving my lockdown with kindness.

Matthew (Yr 8)