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We have raised £155.23 for James Cook Hospital and went to wave at the residents at the White House care home in Brotton every morning.

Me my Mam and my brother made a banner for the NHS and we raised £155.23, for the NHS and gave it to the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough. We took our banner to our local care home in Brotton,where we showed it to them through the windows and made sure that we had waved at all of the residents, we visited the residents every morning over the weeks we loved seeing the residents every morning putting a smile on their faces and waving at them. After our visit to the White House we walked around Brotton , up the High Street With my Mam and on the Close where we live carrying our banner , cars would beep and ramdom people would stop and give us money and our neighbours gave too.We really enjoyed raising the money for them and a big thank you to every NHS worker and Carers and Key workers for everything that you have done, we appreciate you.