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childrens drawing with a car and a child sitting under a tree

My acts of kindness during the covid 19 lockdown has got to be when I have helped my vulnerable neighbours. One lady in particular who is very old and on her own hasn’t been able to leave her house for 14 weeks and is still currently not allowed. We have visited her from a distance to make sure she is ok and have taken her shopping to her. I painted a special rock and left it on her doorstep saying ‘be safe’ and ‘covid 19 lockdown’ as a not so good memory.

I also have another act of kindness during the covid lockdown. I helped the ambulance find a little girl that had an accident in the woods. I was out walking with my family in the woods when we heard a scream. We ran over the beck to the other side of the woods. From a distance, we could see a little girl on the ground and her mum holding her. We went over to see if everything was ok.

We stood at a distance and spoke to the little girl’s family and found out the little girl had fallen from a tarzy swing from the top of the hill to the bottom of the bank. Her dad picked her up and carried her to the top of the woods and into a field. We followed the family through the woods and into the field. They were on the phone to the ambulance but they didn’t know where the field was so me and my family walked through the fields to the main road to watch for the ambulance. Eventually we saw them and stopped it to direct it through the fields to the little girl. We followed behind to make sure the little girl was going to be ok. They took her away in the ambulance.

Later that evening, my mum was tagged in a post on facebook. It was the little girl’s mum looking for the family that had helped them. A group of people had seen me and my family with the ambulance so knew it was us. The mum and the little girl’s family thanked us and let us know the little girl had bruised ribs and a broken wrist and luckily the fall had not affected her too much as she was also a diabetic. So not only did we do an act of kindness that was appreciated, we were also grateful for the thank you we received with the update of the little girl.

It doesn’t take much to be kind and if you could do one thing today please be kind during these tough times. People are going through a lot and would be grateful for a kind word or an act of kindness.