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childrens drawing of a girl

The kind boy gave £500 to a poor person.
He was thoughtful instead of selfish.
Every time, think of others.
Because if you helped you will make someone full of joy.
Over you is heaven where you will go.
You won’t regret it.
Who will help?
However you do it, it’s ok.
One small act will make someone’s day.
Give to others like the kind boy did.
And then you have made them happy.
Very happy so you can remember that day of kindness.
Every day don’t be selfish.
Money is not just for us.
On every occasion help.
Never think it is bad.
Even if you are young.
Yey they will yell.
Thanking you.
On every day be nice.
People can be incredible.
Over the moon.
Over the rainbow.
Raindrops will fall on you of kindness.