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Kindness can be shown through different acts. Some are large and complex; others are small and simple.

In the challenging times of the corona virus pandemic, every mask, glove, penny and apron helps the NHS even just a little.

Nurses and doctors are working hard: all of their efforts helps to save an innocent person’s life.

Donations of money and equipment are really appreciated and each one could help save someone’s brother, sister, husband or wife.

NHS workers selflessly risk their lives every second of their shifts at hospitals all around the world in this ongoing crisis.

Everybody that doesn’t work look after people with the virus or at risk of getting it, honours them by clapping in the streets for them in an act of kindness.

So many people are hoping not to lose their loved ones during lockdown without being able to say goodbye.

Some people sacrifice their lives to look after those who are dying with Covid-19 because they’re so remarkably kind.