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Kindness is defined as a genuine action. It may never be expected but you will feel a connection of love and support from your family or friends. Benefits can come from this emotion; it can show a feeling or a sense of elation. Kindness can also prevent stress, which can encourage a longer life!

Being kind and showing goodwill can be as simple as giving a compliment like, “I love your t-shirt.” You can give someone who feels lonely a nice smile. You do not have to be a perfect person to show an act of kindness. You just have to show somebody that you care for them.

My act of kindness is something unexpected by my brother, who is only eight years old, when he did something special for me. It is an example to show that any young person can do an act of kindness. On my first day back at school (during this Covid 19 situation), I knew I was worried and my brother also knew I was not myself. When I got home, my brother surprised me with cakes and did not want anything in return. It was so kind of him to think of me when I was feeling worried. Remember, kindness is free.