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Sun setting over a built up landscape with a large hill i n the distance. The sky is pink, red, and yellow

During lockdown the thing I found the hardest is the fact that you’re not allowed to hug your family and this makes us all feel awful. Everyone misses their friends and family so much, you can’t just give them a hug to make it all the sadness go away.

I missed all my family so much and I was so upset one day that my grandad rang me and said to me ” come on lets walk up the woods keeping two meters apart and watch the sun set together ” and that just made it so much better and we walked up the woods and we just stood and talked for hours and hours and all the sadness inside of me just went away and it made me feel so much better. I now realise that even when times are tough you can always rely on your family and friends to help and make things better and always talking to someone can make a big change to how you are feeling.

By Seren