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One day in quarantine, my family and I decided to put some of our unneeded belongings to good use! We had jigsaws and board games, roller skates and scooters, alongside other things. We thought other children in quarantine could be bored and would appreciate them; so we put them on sledges at the top of our driveway and made a sign which read; “Free to Take! Stay Safe!”

Within no time the children from the area emptied the sleigh of all the belongings.
When we saw that the sleigh was empty I felt proud because of all those games and toys that I enjoyed; other children could now enjoy!

Within a couple of days we woke up to a letter on our doorstep kindly brought to us from a neighbour who had taken one of the games. It was a picture coloured in with a ‘Thank You’ message from a little girl, with two packets of chocolate buttons for me and my sister.
I felt thankful that in hard times people are still caring for each other.

Even though we were isolated due to lockdown it brought happiness to our community. Also, it brought happiness to me and my family. This ‘Moment of Kindness’ shows that being kind does not take much effort but it really can make a big impact on others around you and then this ‘Kindness’ can be spread around!

By William
Year 7