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Planet Breathes: Living Through Lockdown

Living through Lockdown

What does lockdown mean?

Only a year ago, we hardly used the word. Now we use it every day.

We live separated to keep ourselves safe and keep each other safe.

Days start to feel the same. Sometimes lives unravel. Sometimes we’re scared or sad. But sometimes we find calm or kindness. We find the places we can feel normal. Lots of us have rediscovered the outdoors and reconnected to nature. The planet has had time to breath.

Photographer Kev Howard and writer Lisette Auton have worked together to reflect on their lived experiences of lockdown in the Tees Valley. From sunrise to sunset they take us through this strange way of life we have become used to – our thoughts, our fears, our preoccupations and our hopes – and how the world around us changed too. Read Lisette’s words for yourself or press the button to hear her read to you.