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Recycling the River Tees: Curlews

Displayed at Kirkleatham Museum as part of the Recycling the River Tees Exhibition

1 July –  28 December 2024

Brown origami paper birds on wire.

Origami Curlews as displayed at Kirkleatham Museum

Julie Ward and South Bank Primary School Students

Curlews, 2024

Origami Curlews, on brown paper and wire.

Thor Class at South Bank Primary School learnt about the wildlife that lives in and along the course of the Tees.

Curlews with their long beaks and distinctive call have a very special relationship with the river, travelling its length to breed on the moorlands of Upper Teesdale in Spring, and returning to spend the winter by the estuarine mud.

The children enjoyed making origami curlews – each paper bird carried their name and is unique.

Curlew Haiku:

Curlews fly up stream

Following the Tees to source

Winter on mud flats

– Julie Ward, writer & workshop facilitator

Download the document to have a go at making your own River Tees poem at home.
Resource courtesy of writer Julie Ward, using words created by Thor class, at South Bank Primary School.

Make your own River Tees poem at home (PDF version)

Make your own River Tees poem at home (Word Document)