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Recycling the River Tees: The Trolley

Displayed at Kirkleatham Museum as part of the Recycling the River Tees Exhibition

1 July –  28 December 2024

Students at Darlington College visited the Tees Barrage and Preston Park Museum & Grounds. On site they saw and learned about the river, taking photographs of the two sites and creating artworks inspired by what they had learnt during the visits.

The individual pieces of art they produced were part of ‘Order and Chaos in the Natural World’ and ‘Recycling’ modules the students were studying at college, they reflect the impact pollution has on wildlife around the river.

Rusty coloured trolley with recycled plastic creatures on top, including a crab.

The Trolley, as displayed at Kikrleatham Musem

Anna McIntyre, Darlington College Students and Princes Trust

The Trolley,

Metal Trolley, with mixed media relief representation of a Riverbed.

The artwork shows a trolley, as it might look in the bottom of a riverbed. The artworks attached, represent the toxic waste.

While a lot of work has been done to clear up our river, many years’ worth of chemical waste being dumped in the river has caused pollution to build up in the river- beds, and when these layers are disturbed, it can be harmful to marine life. It’s important that we look after our river and don’t dump things into it.

If you find a lost trolley, you should report it to your local supermarket or contact Trolley Wise who will go out and collect the trolley for you. Never try to move a trolley if it’s unsafe to do so.