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Drawing Resources

Below is our free downloadable ‘Drawing on the Tees Valley’ pack which you can print and use at home. It is inspired by our museum collections and is perfect for a rainy day!

Have you had a go at creating your own drawings? Can we share them on our website? Please send them to – we’d love to see them!

Drawing on the Tees Valley Booklet

Drawing on the Tees Valley is a great FREE little book packed full of ideas for things to draw. Some things you could see round your house or out of your window. Some you might be able to draw from memory or a photo, and for some you’ll need your imagination. If you’re in touch with friends online, why not send them a copy so you can share ideas.

Drawing on the Tees Valley is FREE to download and print, or you could just copy the writing onto paper and make your own book. Just click the picture below.