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Tees Valley Museums has developed our own Play Policy. We want all of our visitors to feel as they they have permission to play in our museums.

Our vision is one in which everyone who enters our museums feels they have permission to engage in play – play is welcomed, supported, developed and encouraged for all of our visitors, which increases and promotes access to our stories and collections.

We hope to nurture this vision through utilisation of playful approaches, including:

  • Ensuring we have a welcoming, playful outlook;
  • Valuing play and actively seeking to remove barriers to engage in play;
  • Offering playful opportunities;
  • Respecting that people play in different ways;
  • Understanding that play can occur in different atmospheres and settings and providing the right environments for this.
  • Reflecting our commitment to play in our policies and procedures.

We are working hard to develop our future offer around play, but here are some of the ways you can ‘play’ at our museum sites:

  • Look out for museum explorer packs which can be borrowed and are usually available from museum reception desks;
  • Engage in our outdoor as well as indoor trails;
  • Read our playful questions which make you think about our objects in a playful way;
  • Interact with our exhibits where permitted;
  • Look out for our playful workshops;
  • Don’t be afraid to play, young and older!