Museums usually collect physical things. Sometimes though, there are important things to collect that you can’t hold or put in a case or on a wall. These moments, these feelings, these stories sometimes get lost in history because they’re not easy to collect, keep and display. Right now, we think kindness is valuable and valued. We want to capture, show, share and celebrate kindness in all its forms. We need a Museum of Kindness.

The Museum of Kindness is a pop up museum that will go live on this website from 24 June, National Writing Day. The acts and moments of kindness in the museum will be contributed by students in local schools taking part in the project. The resources on this page are to support students to create their contributions. The Museum will also feature contributions from writers who have been working with us to make this exhibition.


Thinking about Kindness : by Sophie

Expressing Kindness KS3 and 4 by Lisette Auton

Bucket full of kindness : read by Ellen