This is a type of coral which is still found today in the seas around Australia, the Caribbean and South America.

When Captain Cook ran aground on the Great Barrier reef in Australia, he sailed over coral like this and it got lodged in the ship’s hull. It took 7 weeks to repair the ship.

Captain Cook, who was born in Marton, Sailed around the Pacific and sailed over coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean.

Climate change is a big threat affecting coral species today.


In your first online session your Education Officer will introduce students to the object and get them thinking and talking about it.

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1. History Detectives.
2. Drawing for looking and recording.
3. Questions and Hypothesising.

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1. Let’s Pretend!
2. Make a soundtrack
3. Vocabulary of the Time

Write a postcard home describing crashing on the coral reef.

Museum name: Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
Contact name: Jenny Phillips
Phone number: 01642 515656

Learning from home? This download is full of ways to explore this object for students who can’t be in school.

Literacy Loans Home Learning- Captain Cook Museum Staghorn Coral KS1

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