This spearthrower is used by Australian Aboriginal Peoples to increase the distance that they can throw a spear.

Spearthrowers have many additional uses that give them the nickname “Aboriginal Multitool.” They are still used today.

When Captain Cook first landed in Australia he was met by Aboriginal peoples with spears, and possibly spearthrowers, in their hands .

In your first online session your Education Officer will introduce students to the object and get them thinking and talking about it.

You could follow that up with these activities from the ‘Object activity ideas’ pdf, on the Introduce your object page.

1. Museum mix up
2. Drawing for looking and recording
3. Questioning and hypothesising

We suggest you try these activities on the Get Creative page

1. Owners from the past
2. Alliteration
3. A week in the life

Draw a poster of a woomera and label it with all of its uses, (throwing spears, plate for dinner, fire starter, digging stick, etc…)

Museum name: Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
Contact name: Jenny Phillips
Phone number: 016542 515656

Learning from home? This download is full of ways to explore this object for students who can’t be in school.

Literacy Loans Home Learning – Captain Cook Museum Woomera KS1

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Content coming soon.