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Talking Tees Valley: Midwives

25 May 2021

Talking Tees Valley is a monthly activity pack that uses the museum and art collections in the Tees Valley museums to encourage discussions and conversations for people living with dementia.

Midwives and nurses have played an important part in many peoples lives since the early 1900s when it became a recognized profession for all.

In this newsletter we take a closer look at two midwives who trained and worked in the Tees Valley and left their stories in our museums collections.

This activity pack contains images, discussion points and activities for you to enjoy.

Download your Midwives Activity Pack here!

Talking Tees Valley Midwives

Portrait photograph of a nurse in her uniform. she wears a white headdress like a habit, a white apron on top of a long sleeved dress. She is looking towards the camera. She has a distinktive jaw line, long nose and set eyes, her hair just peaks out under her habit.
Nurse Elsie Henwood’s official nurses portrait. She’s wearing an early nurses uniform with a large cap that resembles a nuns habit. Image courtesy of the Dorman Museum, Middlesbrough.