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Cook coat of arms

A coat of arms is a badge designed for a specific person, family, country or company. The design usually centres around a shield and includes symbols that carry particular meaning for them. This coat of arms was designed for Captain James Cook who is known for exploring and mapping the Pacific Ocean and its lands in the late 1700s.

Cook coat of arms

The main part of the Arms features a globe showing the Pacific Ocean. Above the crest is an arm dressed in Naval uniform holding a British flag. Below the shield are ship’s cannons. It includes the motto Circa Orbem (around the world) on the crest and Nil Intentatum Reliquit (he left nothing unattempted) below the shield.

Cook’s achievements were thought to be so great, that this coat of arms was awarded to Cook’s family in 1785 by the King – George III. It is the only coat of arms to be awarded posthumously.

Image courtesy of Middlesbrough Museums Service