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Redcar for holidays (1935) and Helen at Redcar (c.1937)

Redcar for holidays (1935)

This film was made by Tom Brown, a dentist and amateur filmmaker from Middlesbrough. The film shows attractions at the seaside resort of Redcar in 1935. It includes Fleet’s Punch and Judy Show, Victorian swings run by showman Victor Vernon and his family, a ventriloquist and a swimwear fashion show at Redcar’s outdoor pool showing changing styles from 1882 to the present. It also features what appears to be a ‘beauty contest’ and some interesting captions reflecting accepted views of the time, which today would be seen as less than politically correct!

Helen at Redcar (c.1937)

This film was made by Tom Brown, a dentist and amateur film maker from Middlesbrough, around 1937. It focuses on his daughter Helen with family and friends on holiday at the seaside in Redcar. The film includes pony rides, a merry-go-round, swimming in the outdoor pool and much sandcastle making. It also includes a group performing synchronized exercises on Redcar sands, led by lifeguards, illustrating the fashion for health and fitness routines promoted in the 1930s.