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Roll of Honour of the Cleveland Sketching Club

The Cleveland sketching club was formed in 1884 and is one of the oldest of its kind. Its aim was ‘to cultivate the art of drawing, painting, sculpture and kindred arts and to encourage general art study in Middlesbrough and the neighbourhood’. It staged exhibitions every year, which were always grand, social affairs.

Roll of Honour of the Cleveland Sketching Club 1914-1918 by C.W. Richardson

This print shows the members of the group who served in the First World War, including Tom Dresser who was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest military medal for bravery, in 1917. A red asterix indicates the members who were killed in action, these include Major Clive Dixon who was a skilled illustrator and mayor of Middlesboro in 1889.
The club, now called the Cleveland Art Society, still exists today and its works are housed in the Middlesborough’s Institute of Modern Art (MIMA).

Image courtesy of Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art