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Saxon Jewellery: Decorative Art

This is some of the jewellery in the Saxon exhibition at Kirkleatham Museum. It was made for a Princess and was designed to show her wealth.

Try having a go at this activity

Designing and making your own decorative jewellery

  •  Draw the outline shape of your jewellery on some card.  This should be quite big to make the following steps easier.
  •  In your shape draw a pattern (Dont make this too complex as you may find the next step tricky)
  •  Follow your pattern with string, sticking it down with a gluestick or PVA glue.
  • Allow to dry for 30 minutes
  •  Cut out your shape
  •  Cover the whole thing with tinfoil. Rub over the surface so you can see the string pattern
  •  Attach ribbon to make a necklace or a safety pinto to wear as a brooch.

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