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Scullery Sink

Glynn Porteous (1935 – 2003) was a Middlesbrough-born artist who lived and worked in the town. He was inspired by local places and by the people he encountered. In 1987 he completed the mural near Wilson Street, which includes scenes from rural North Yorkshire and industrial Teesside

Scullery Sink by Glynn Porteous, 1954

Porteous was keen to reveal the unexpected beauty in the entirely ordinary and everyday of life. Scullery Sink, which he completed when he was 18, shows the sink from his family home at No. 76 Acton Street, Middlesbrough. The artist described it as being both the bath and main source of running water to the house.

Image courtesy of Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
Gifted by the artist’s widow, Rene Porteous in 2011