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World Kindness Day on 13th November

03 November 2021

As the Climate Conference reaches its conclusion, the world could do with a little kindness. World Kindness day is a chance to think about the kindness we all valued during the first lockdown and how doing good for other people is actually part of our own well-being.

Making a Museum of Kindness is a quick and effective way to help students think about the importance of kindness in our lives – bringing everyone together to share positive stories.

We made our first Museum of Kindness in 2020, working with teachers and students from across the region and it was so successful that we created a toolkit for teachers to make their own in school.

The toolkit is FREE and gives you everything you need to support students from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 3 to think about, talk about and write about kindness.

Go to our DIY Museum of Kindness toolkit and follow the four simple steps.

Check out our brand new Museum of Kindness – Staff Edition here.
You can see the two galleries of our 2020 Museum of Kindness here.