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Arts Award

Arts Award is all about supporting young people to deepen their engagement with the arts. It’s a great way to nurture and celebrate enthusiasm and skill at the lower levels and talent and leadership at the higher levels.




NEW (Arts Award Discover) Homework PackageHow does this make us feel?

Piloted with local teachers, this free creative home learning project is perfect for those developing PSHE in line with the new Relationships and Health Education framework, especially as schools re-open. “How does this make us feel” helps students to:

  • think about how they express themselves culturally and creatively
  • reflect on their emotions
  • recognise the value of time spent with family and friends
  • understand the role that creative hobbies and interests can play in self care


Using “How does this make us feel” is easy. We provide downloadable booklets, online support materials and, during the pandemic, we even cover the cost of students’ certificates. Below is an exemplar booklet and a more detailed description of the Homework Package.

For more information on our Homework Package or to use it with your students, please contact


You can share this "How to" video with students and their parents.

Case Studies

Art installation within a school

Arts Award Discover - Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

"Arts Award as part of the museum learning offer has proven particularly popular with teachers over the last few years. Some are surprised that coming to a museum can be part of an Arts Award journey - but most of our museums hold artworks of some kind and art is a great way to engage and inspire children of all ages and abilities to learn more about history." Jenny Phillips, Learning Officer

Arts Award Explore - using Museum in Your Classroom

In 2017 Tees Valley Museums worked with local teachers to develop the Museum in Your Classroom Toolkit - a free resource designed for teachers to create a school exhibition with their class.

Learn how a local primary school used the Toolkit to help their students gain Arts Award Explore through an exhibition inspired by the pioneering industrial designer Christopher Dresser.

Arts Award Discover-Homework Package

In 2020 due to the pandemic and a high percentage of children accessing working from home via apps.