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Literacy Loans

Welcome to Literacy Loans – a scheme that puts students, objects and professional writers together to boost creativity, and especially creative writing.



Literacy Loans provides:


  • an inspiring museum object to borrow

  • an online session with an Education Officer to introduce students to your object

  • 3 x 40 min online sessions working with a professional writer

  • online resources jam packed with classroom activity ideas

To cover the cost of the professional writer’s time we charge £250 per class. However we have budget to support schools with significant levels of Pupil Premium funding, so please contact us to discuss this.

Taking part is easy. Just follow the 4 simple steps below.

4 Simple Steps...

Choose your object

First choose the object you’d like to borrow. For SEND classes we also provide a related sensory item.

Writers and storymakers

Read about our professional writers and choose who you would like to work with. Your Education Officer will be able to help book the writer and organise an online planning meeting for you all.

Get to know your object

Next organise an online session with one of our Education Officers who can introduce students to your object in an interactive way.

Get Creative

Finally, try out some of the Get Creative writing activities and resources either before, between or after your sessions with your writer.

Case Study: Priory Woods Teabrick project

The Amazing Teabrick project

Poss Stick project

Students at Priory Woods School were sent a mysterious object. It was some sort of strange stick. Along with it came an odd-smelling pink block. What could it be? With the help of Learning Officer, Joanne Rowcliffe, and using their historical enquiry thinking skills, students determined that this was a poss stick. The smelly bar was carbolic soap. What else could follow except a full-on exploration of washing and soap making, culminating in students selling their own soap at the Xmas Fayre?