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Museum in your Classroom

Creating a classroom museum can be a great opportunity to bring a history topic to life in school. We’ve been working with Tees Valley teachers to create their own museums at school. Creating classroom museums can offer so many cross curricular opportunities. Teachers tell us that children are highly engaged, work purposefully and develop an impressive breadth (and depth) of learning.

We’ve worked closely with schools to develop a huge range of free resources. Follow the links below to learn more about how teachers have planned and guided classes to make their own museums to feel proud of.

This film and case study feature Years 3 and 4 at St Peter’s Church of England Primary

Find out about the approaches taken by teachers , the benefits to students and the impact on classroom practice .

View our St Peter’s Church of England Primary (Years 3 and 4) Case Study feature here

This series of 6 videos has been created by museum professionals and teachers to share with your class. Each video links directly to a stage in the MiyC planning toolkit and helps students lead their own learning. Discover what it’s really like to work in a museum as you progress along your museum journey.


1) Video to help students plan for their exhibition



2) Videos to help students research their exhibition



3) Video to help students create things for their exhibition



4 & 5) Videos to help students make their exhibition



6) Video to help students launch their exhibition


This comprehensive toolkit takes you through 5 simple steps to making a successful exhibition in school. Developed with teachers, it provides all you need to support your planning.

View our Museum in your Classroom toolkit here.


Tees Valley Museums have loans boxes on a whole variety of topics. Source objects and reserve your loans materials for your museum here.

“The loan box proved to be a valuable resource for the children, allowing them to handle the interesting artefacts and discuss how they could replicate them.”

Year 4 Teacher


We have a wide range of free online resources that could be useful for planning and creating your exhibition.

Themed planning resources provide useful images for whiteboards, handy information about local history and activity ideas by Key Stages, view our online resources here.

The Inspiration gallery is guaranteed to get students excited about the idea of making their own museums. Its full of ideas from our museums and also from museums children have created, view our Inspirational gallery here.

The guides and templates section offers everything from templates, to examples, to classroom activities plus supporting images from museums to download to enhance your museum, view our Museum in your Classroom guides and template here.