Dorman Long and Newport Bridge

Front profile photograph of a woman with short waved hair, a rounded set face, rather stern

Katherine Maria Pease

The River Tees

a group of men in top hats pose for a photograph

Henry Pease - To Russia With Peace

Carew Beach

Margaret Green

a woman stands in a Victorian chemist

For Better or Worse

Painting of trees alongside a stream

The Howeys, Father and Son Painters

Head an shoulders photo of a man with a white beard

William Thomas Stead

Oval shaped black and white dish with decorated base

Stafford Pottery

group picture of the north eastern railway womens football team 1915 - 1918

Women, Munitions and Football in Darlington

The Transit of Venus

Saint Hild and Hartlepool Abbey

coloured drawing of a small blue bird sitting on a holly branch

Little Works of Art

picture of Chick Henderson from one of his concerts

Chick Henderson

page of cursive handwriting

Robert Robinson's Diaries