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Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

Captain Cook Birthplace Museum
Stewart Park

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Tel: 01642 311211

The Captain Cook Birthplace Museum opened on the 28th October 1978 – the 250th anniversary of Cook’s birth. The purpose-built museum sits close to the granite urn which marks the site of Cook’s birthplace cottage in the beautiful landscaped grounds of Stewart Park, Marton, on the outskirts of Middlesbrough. Outside a traditionally carved Nootka totem pole from Canada guards the entrance.

The museum tells the story of one of the world’s greatest navigators and mariners, Captain James Cook. Brining to life his story through 6 themed permanent displays with original artefacts.

The museum’s collection contains a fascinating array of objects relating to Cook’s voyages and the people and cultures he encountered along the way. There is also a changing temporary exhibition programme, lots of associated activities and events as well as a lively education programme. Making your trip to the museum an exciting journey of discovery.

Portrait of Captain James Cook in uniform

Captain James Cook by John Webber, 1779
© National Portrait Gallery, London

The museums permanent displays give a unique insight into James Cook’s early life in Marton, Great Ayton and Staithes, through to his early seafaring career at Whitby and joining the Royal Navy in 1755 – where within two years he passed his master’s examination to qualify for the navigation and handling of a Royal ship. They go on to cover his three major voyages of discovery aboard The Endeavour and The Resolution, where Cook and his crew encountered many new lands and their peoples.

On your visit to the museum, discover the creaking of the timbers below deck and the perils of the ocean. Launch yourself back into Cook’s time through the Endeavour Shuttle. Find out how to provision Cook’s ship for 100 men for 3 years. How many barrels of rum do you need ? What is portable soup? And what were Cook’s secret instructions?


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