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Relaxed Openings

Thu 7 Jul 2022

Tees Valley Museums are providing regular relaxed openings at our museums and galleries. They are aimed at supporting the needs of visitors with autism, sensory conditions and are at times when venues are open as usual but it is quieter.

The relaxed sessions are suitable for any family, group or individual who would like to visit our museums and galleries at a quieter time.

Sudden noises will be turned off or down, light levels will be increased in darker areas and atmospheric smells will be reduced.

Some venues have quiet spaces available for visitors who need them as well as sensory equipment and ear defenders for people to borrow during their visit.

1st Sunday of the month
10am to 12noon

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2nd Sunday of the month
9am to 11am

The Northern Dale’s Farmer’s Market also takes place on this morning, however the museum is much quieter.

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Last Sunday of the month
10.30am to 11.30am

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Every Sunday
10am to 11am

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The gallery is closed to the general public.

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