Captain James Cook needs some intrepid time-travellers to board the HMS Endeavour with him for a special environmental mission! Journey through the countries Cook explored and learn about the knowledge of the Indigenous people he encountered and how they were able to live sustainably in their home environments. Collect your new knowledge and fetch it back to modern day England filled with ideas of how we can help address the climate crisis in your very own environmental pledge book.

Key Learning Outcome

Children will recognise sustainability practices across different world cultures and will be more knowledgeable around how they can help the world climate crisis.

Main Learning Approach

Active Learning

Creative Learning

Plan Your Visit

Staff-led sessions at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum run on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Workshops vary in length from 2 hour sessions to full day visits (10am-2:30pm) and a lunch space will be provided for these guided sessions. Most sessions can accommodate a maximum of 60 students and advance booking is essential.


To discuss your visit and the wider school offer at Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, please contact Senior Learning and Engagement Officer Chloƫ Leeson at or call 01642 728235 (office hours vary).