A crime has been committed at the Museum. Students will become Apprentice Crime Scene Investigators for the day. They will have to devise their own questions, set up and use real forensic tests, make systematic and carefully observed recordings and evaluate all the evidence if they are to find the guilty suspect.

Key learning outcomes:

Students will develop their skills in working scientifically. They will ask their own questions and have the chance to run tests and gather data, taking measurements and accurate readings. They will draw their own conclusions from the findings and be able to identify the evidence that has been used to support or refute their ideas.

Main learning approaches:

Active learning
Enquiry-based learning

Planning a visit:

Workshop lengths vary, with price varying accordingly.

Teachers can book up to three sessions to create a whole day at the Museum, or combine led sessions with independent exploration of the exhibitions.

A room for lunch is provided when booking sessions led by the museum staff.

For further information about this workshop, how to book and the wider school offer at Kirkleatham Museum please visit the website and contact a Learning Officer.